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IceTec opens, Innovation Center Iceland closes

Innovation Center Iceland was closed on 1 July 2021 in accordance to law number 25/2021. The following employees are working on settling and resolving Innovation Center's pending matters:

Edda Ástvaldsdóttir, accountant eddaast [at] 522-9107

Sigríður Ingvarsdóttir, former CEO si [at] 522-9245

Sigurður Steingrímsson, CFO sigurdurs [at] 522-9435

The Housing and Construction Authority (Húsnæðis- og mannvirkjastofnun or HMS) has taken over Rb's news publication. HMS is still working on the final setup to release the news publication on their website but, you can still access the publication using this link:

Questions regarding Innovation Center Iceland besides settling pending matters should be directed to the Directorate of Employment and Innovation:

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