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Analysis equipment

Scanning electron microscope
X-ray micro-CT scanner
Raman spectrometer
Optical microscopes
Surface analysis equipment
Mechanical testing equipment
Sample preparation facilities

Construction research and testing

Asphalt roller compactor

Asphalt single wheel tracker
Asphalt prall tester

CBR-Marshall press
Ball mill

Drum crusher

Adhesion tester for minerals

Particle size analiser

Disk grinder

Jawbreaker machines

Concrete pressing machines

Concrete mixer


Rain test chamber

Other equipment and facilities

General lab equipment
Autoclave reactors, bioreactor
Milling, blending
Separation, purification
Heat treatment, drying
Pumping, cooling, vacuum generation
Corrosion chamber for geothermal environments
Upscaling facilities
Basic optics research equipment

3D printing

FDM printer (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Metal printer


General workshop
Micromachining workshop
Basic electronics workshop

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