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ABC lights

Provides smart solutions for greenhouse lighting.

CFD Odin

R&D services specialized in all aspects of CFD modeling: CAD handling, meshing, solving, post-processing and demonstrating results.


Explores the use of lupine as a biodegradable raw material without using any additives.


Provides consultation, material testing and specialized R&D work for entities in the geothermal, petroleum and energy intensive industry.


Uses a virtual trawl to herd prawn off the seafloor using patented light beam technology. Used in place of a conventional trawl, the virtual trawl delivers a pure catch of prawn with less towing resistance.


Develops solutions to keep medical environments sanitized using industry 4.0 technology.

Vaxa Impact Nutrition

Develops new technologies for growing micro algae to use it as feed for fish farming.


Develops electro-catalytic processes for generating aqueous ammonia from air and water, for direct use as fertilizer through irrigation.


Provides aluminum smelters with solutions to analyse the elemental composition of aluminum in molten form.


A biotechnology company, pioneering the development of therapeutic chitin derivatives.

Halló krakkar

A videogame developing firm focused on games for children.


A software and engineering firm sharing a micromachining workshop at IceTec.


Provides greenhouse solutions for homes and schools.


Provides an internationally recognized certification service in Iceland, as efficiently as possible, to strengthen the competitive position of Icelandic companies and entrust their access to foreign markets.