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Virtual Thrawl for prawn fishing

2015 - 2021

Light-based fishing device.


The goal of this project is to develop a novel method for trawling prawn and other deep-sea marine life that presents a considerably reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional methods that rely on wires and net panels. Experiments will be conducted using a device called the VirtualTrawl, a fishing gear that eliminates contact with the sea bottom while it also presents reduced underwater drag compared to traditional equipment. As such, the VirtualTrawl protects the underwater habitat, it avoids disrupting leftover marine life, and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will also explore the behavior of different marine life to this technology and the devices’ trawling capacity on actual fishing zones. This technology and trawling procedures will be developed to match the marine life that best responds to these fishing practices.

Role in project

Development of the VirtualTrawl prototype.


- Optitog ehf.
- Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (Hafró)

Dedicated website


Guðbjörg Hrönn Óskarsdóttir

gudbjorg [at]


This project has received funding from the Technology Development Fund and the AVS Fisheries Research Fund.

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