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2020 - 2022

Osteoinductive and printable biomaterials.


The objective of the project is to develop a method for combining osteoinductive and printable biomaterials to form a composite feedstock suitable for use with additive manufacturing methods based on material extrusion, e.g., fused deposition modeling, FDM.

Chitosan has been proven to possess osteoinductive properties, which make it a candidate for materials for bone regeneration, however, it is mechanically weak. A polymer with more suitable mechanical properties will be combined with chitosan to produce a composite filament for 3D printing of implants for bone repair possessing osteoinductive/osteoconductive properties together with good mechanical stability. 3D printing of test parts and implants will be performed as a proof of concept.

Role in project

Materials development, design and printing of specimens and implant prototypes.

Structural and mechanical characterization, analysis of physical and chemical properties.


Genis ehf. (ISL)
IceTec (ISL)

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Gissur Örlygsson

gissur [at]


This project has received funding from Iceland's Technology Development Fund (Tækniþróunarsjóður).

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