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Metal 3D printer at IceTec

Last week, colleagues from the Greek company Anima arrived at Icetec. The purpose of the visit was installation and training on the iSLM160 metal 3D printer that IceTec along with the University of Iceland and the University of Reykjavík purchased with the help of Innviðasjóður. Specialists at IceTec, along with partners from the universities have therefore completed training on the printer, which now is officially up and running.

IceTec’s specialists in front of the iSLM160 metal 3D printer.

The printer can print parts up to 16x16x20 cm in size and currently it uses 316L stainless steel powder for printing. The printer has many options for materials such as copper, steel for casting, nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium alloys, chromium cobalt and more.

Small metal model of Hallgrímskirkja printed with the iSLM160 at Tæknisetur.

3D metal printing, or additive manufacturing, is a great manufacturing option for complex parts that are difficult to manufacture traditionally. Complex shapes, internal cooling lines and hollow structures are good candidates for printing for example. It is the aim of IceTec to introduce this technology here in Iceland, both for individuals and companies in order for this modern manufacturing technology to gain a foothold.

For those who are interested we encourage you to contact the specialists at IceTec:

Dagur Ingi Ólafsson – – 8671898

James Dannyell Maddison – – 7783198

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