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International workshop on tissue engineering

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

An international workshop on tissue engineering of bone and soft tissues took place at IceTec August 21.-25. 2022. The workshop was organized within the framework of the research and development project profiBONE, “Low-temperature 3D printing of bio-functionalized ceramic bone implants with adjustable mechanical properties”, which is a cooperation between CEITEC and Charles University in Czechia, and IceTec and the biotechnology company Genís hf. in Iceland. More than 30 participants from 5 countries took part in the workshop and presented and discussed their findings in the field as well as expanding their networks. A tour of IceTec and a visit to the Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering – Medical Technology Center at Reykjavík University were also on the agenda.

Further information on the profiBONE project can be found here:

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