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ANiMA's visit to IceTec

IceTec was honored to receive our Greek colleagues and 3D printer manufacturers ANiMA on 23 March 2022. ANiMA came to Iceland to help us prepare our facilities for the arrival of one of their iSLM160 3D metal printers. The printer will be delivered to our facilities later this fall. This purchase was made possible by the collaboration between IceTec, University of Iceland and University of Reykjavik and the support from Rannís' Infrastructure Fund. Acquiring this 3d printer is part of our effort to strengthen Iceland's materials science and engineering alliance.

ANiMA also gave a presentation on the state of the art in 3D printing and the tech startups that joined us got a chance to interact with a set of very impressive 3D printed samples made out of metals and plastics.

Thank you Costas and John from ANiMA for coming all the way to Iceland and supporting our engineering community!

Dagur Ingi Ólafsson showing a 3D printed metal cube with our logo on it.

ANiMA's Yiannis Andronikidis presenting their 3D printed samples made from metals and plastics.

ANiMA's Costas Andronikidis giving a lecture on the state of the art in 3D printing.

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